Numerology Readings and Prices

All readings are paid for via pay pal below and sent to your email address you have paid for the reading with. All readings will be sent back to you within 24 hours. Please make sure you send me your full date of birth and your full birth name or the other person you are enquiring about too.

What is Numerology and what types of readings do I carry out for individuals.

Everything in the universe has energy all around it. Numbers are no different, every number has its own unique meaning that contributes an influence and unravels a story in your life. Numerology is the study of the relationships that numbers and letters have within our personalities and life’s events. It is an ancient metaphysical science that reveals the blueprint of every human being’s life and is one of the most accurate and powerful self help tools available today. Numerology is about who you are now and who you have the potential to be.

Numerology is all about the numbers in your life, where Astrology is about sun signs, placements and moons, Numerology is based on what the numbers mean personally for you. When I combine Numerology with Astrology its quite astonishing to what you find in terms of how accurate your character is to what your dream job should be and when you will get this so called job.

Over the year of studying Numerology, I have noticed a huge difference on how this improved my own life in so many ways. I started to see myself differently, my life started to transform over the coming months and weeks. I started to understand my challenges and how to face them. These readings are particularly good if you are trying to understand yourself and make sense of your problems. You may be searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. If you dont understand who you are or like who you are, this is perfect for you too.

Numerology is wonderful for the following:

Reassure you that you are on the right path
Uncover your chosen destiny
Confirm your life purpose
Reveal your future potential
Provide a better tool to understand others too
Help you prepare for upcoming challenges
Give you direction in life
Take opportunities when they come your way
Life’s blueprint
Forecast and plan for the future
Improve your relationships with others
Planning major life events
Forecasting for the future
Predicting cycles and patterns
choosing a suitable career
relationship compatibility (perfect for this and very accurate)
Changing a name for marriage (or other purposes)
Naming a baby
The house you live in, or want to move to
Choosing a wedding date
Naming a Pet

So with the above all in mind, here are the types of readings I will be able to carry out for you.

The Personality Profile

In Numerology, a personality profile consists of 7 Personality Numbers which make a person who they are. They are:

1.The Life Path Number – This information provides the most information about your character and the type of life you will live. This uncovers your life purpose and the path you have chosen to walk in this life. There are many life experiences and lessons you will learn along the way too. This is your Ruling Number, the most important number of all.

Life Path Reading £5


2.The Destiny Number – This is the second most important number of your numerology chart. This is all about the expression/Name Number. This number reveals what you are destined to do in life and who are you destined to become. It indicates abilities that already resides within you and must be used in your life. This is the best number to choose when looking at your career and working life.

The Destiny Number £5


3.The Soul Number – This is the third most important number in your numerology, this is your Soul’s urge, desire and heart’s desire. This is all about what your soul needs and desires you to be, in order to feel complete. In other words, if you were to adopt the positive traits of this number, your soul would feel content and complete in life.

The Soul Number £5


All 3 Number Reading and Calculated together £12


4. The Personality Number – This number is all about the outer you or your outer personality number. This number gives an indication as to how others perceive you and its said to represent the “outer” you.

Your Personality Number £5


5. The Maturity Number – This is one of the most interesting numbers in your chart, this number reveals your future potential and the ultimate goal of your life. This number will tell you where your destiny is leading you and what you can expect from the second half of your life. This is the Power Number. This is the number to really understand when making long-term goals and decisions. This is more for people who are 45+ this one is about the strengths as you mature.

Your Maturity Number – £5


6. The Current Name Number – This number is the first and last name you currently use on a daily basis today. This is also known as the Minor Expression Number. This will give you an indication of what you are projecting out into the world everytime you use that name, that brings additional personality traits, strengths, lessons, experiences and opportunities to your existing profile of numbers.

Your Current Name Number – £5


7. The Birth Day Number – This is all about the day of the month you were born, this reveals additional personality traits along with specific talents and abilities that will assist you on your life path.

The Birth Day Number – £5



All 7 Numbers calculated together – £28

Karmic Numbers – Lessons in Life

Karmic Lessons are very fascinating as these numbers indicate to you what your weaknesses are in life, what specific areas are in need of change and growth, that have been passed down from previous lives and need to be addressed in life going forward. You have come into this life to master them and understand them as best you can. If for example you have a karmic lesson number in your chart which keeps on reappearing, this means you need to work it out until you have learnt that specific lesson in life. Some people have many in life and some have none at all.

Karmic Debt indicates a particular lesson that must be mastered in this lifetime because we failed to learn them in previous lives. This number has its own unique lessons and burdens attached.

Karmic Lesson Reading – £10


Karmic Debt Reading – £10


Both Karmic Lesson and Debt Reading together £15



Short and Long Term Cycles of Forecasting Years, Months and Day

This next section is all about understanding the short and long term cycles of forecasting years, months and days. These numbers influence the changes and circumstances in your life. These specific cycles are very important to know going forward as they will let you know what is coming up for you that particular month, year day, for everyone in that year and what to prepare yourself for as well.

Within the Forecasting Numbers, there are short-term cycles that are more obvious in terms of influencing your life directly and there are long-term cycles overriding them. The long-term cycles may not be as obvious because they extend over a longer period of time.

Your Personal Year Number: Your forecast for the year we are currently in, what to expect for you personally. (short term) £5


Your Personal Month Number: Your forecast for each 12 months (short-term) £5


Your Personal Day Number: Your forecast for the day, how the day makes you feel, the energy for the day and how you will feel. (short term) £5


Universal Year Number: The World’s Forecast for the Year, everyone will go through this year but this is broken down into greater detail for you personally. (short-term) £5


All x4 Personal Number Readings £15


Pinnacles & Challenges Long Term Forecast

This section is one of the most interesting about yourself and about your whole life since you were born to the age you are now. As you go through life, there are four distinct periods of developments called Pinnacles. This is a peak time in your life of major growth and self developments which provides you with an opportunity to expand in a particular area. When you understand this correctly, you are one step closer to fulfilling your destiny and life’s purpose.

However, each of these Pinnacles has challenges which work alongside them. For example there are four specific obstacles that must be overcome to you to reach your full potential. Your challenges are the lessons you must learn on your journey towards self-mastery. Think of it like this, A Pinnacle is a gateway that leads you towards your greatest potential for your success. You can only make it through, once you have overcome its accompanying challenge.

Pinnacles: Your Four Cycles of potential achievement (long-term) £10


Challenges: Your Four greatest challenges (long-term) £10


Pinnacle and Challenge Reading Together £15


Life Cycles, Growth Cycles and Period Cycles

This section is better known as Life Cycles, Growth Cycles and Period Cycles. Major Life Cycles divide your life Path Numbers into three blocks of time that highlight the three stages of growth throughout your life. They are called the stages of youth, maturity and wisdom. Each one has its own unique theme, personalised just for you.

These three Major Life Cycles are the three areas of development that will help you fulfil your destiny as your journey along your life path. Throughout your Major Cycle period, its accompanying Pinnacle and Challenge Numbers represent the opportunities and challenges that will be encountered along that path.

Major Life Cycles: Your Three Major Cycles of growth (long-term) £15


Other Name Numbers associated with you – Behind the Names…..

Business Name Reading, what does your business name, company name or your own personalised name for work mean about you and your work life?

Website Name Reading/Business Name, Is this name a success for your business? What challenges does it come up against and what does the business say about you and your work – £10


House Number Reading, Maybe you are just about to move house and you would like to know if this house is going to be the one you stay in for a long time? perhaps you want to move and you have options of 2 houses to choose from? Thinking of starting a family in this house, which number is best for you? – £10


Your Own Name Reading, this is about your own birth name or someone else’s you are interested in. Your own birth name will tell you what your strengths, weaknesses, challenges and changes you may go through over the years. If you change your name to a new marriage surname, I can compare the two together to see what differences may appear. £10


Compatibility Name Readings, this is all about you and your partner, new partner, husband or someone you like. I will need both birth full names to be able to look at this more specifically. I will look at what your compatibility is like, comparing emotions and what you both would like out of life. Are you seeking the same things or are you both looking and searching for other things in your life going forward. £15