Welcome to my Psychic Classes. All classes are carried out in my home, or on Skype, unless there is a party of 3 or more of you, I will then travel to see you. All payments are paid via myself not online on the day of your class or in instalments as suggested below. Please contact me directly via email on jo@askthepsychic.co.uk to let me know which class you are interested in and I will always email as soon as I can, to let you know suggested dates and timings…..See you soon!

Lets Tap Into Those Psychic Senses….

How to tap into your psychic powers – 1 hour lesson £60, This is one of my favourite courses, teaching you everything you need to know about psychic intuition in work, love, family, or just personal development. You will need to go away and practise what I have taught you so you will gain more confidence over time to see clearer results. (I may ask you to come back to see me in a few months time just to see what you have learnt and how you are getting on too.) You should start to see and sense more areas develop for you over a course of a few days. I will be giving you mini exercises to do with myself, I will also be asking you to look at dreams, journalling, crystals, the cards and will play a few fun games with you to see what you already have found out about your abilities. I will also be testing your intuition, your senses and also how to pick up on people and their characters. There is so much for you to learn, I think you will enjoy this course more so if you want to start to see things developing for you in a short space of time.

Learning The Tarot Cards…..

I have studied Tarot for many years and would like to teach you my many tricks of the trade and the easiest way to be taught should you wish to embark on a journey as a psychic or would like to just learn them yourself for fun.

The basics of Tarot – 1.5 hour lesson £70 – learning the different suits, how to understand the deck and learning each card individually.

Learning all 78 cards in the deck – £250 – (you can pay this over 3 lessons) 6 hours of learning (split into 3 sessions of x2 hours) – in this course you will be interpreting yourself all the cards and how to start reading the cards from the spread. You will learn the various spreads and understanding the suits to reading for people using the 3 card spread alongside the 7 card spread too.

Learning The Shape Shifter Cards (Oracle Cards)….

The Oracle cards have been used for many years now and you see lots of psychics and mediums using these kinds of cards when they are combined with the Tarot deck as well as their mediumship skills too. They work beautifully well together. With these particular cards you will learn how to work on each card to understand one burning question you need answers on. I will show you how to read for others as well, just by picking out one or two cards. Each card has a very powerful and deep intuitive meaning, these cards work to the core of the issue and work much deeper than any other oracle decks used before. I will also show you how to work with 3 card spreads and also month by month readings as well as week by week to give you a full reading for the weeks and months ahead as well as a year reading too.
Learning Shape Shifters Cards – 1 hour Lesson – £45