Telephone, Email, Texts and 1:1 Readings & Prices

All 1:1 readings with myself are all on zoom, you can either have a one hour reading with myself for £60 or 30mins at £30. – If you dont have access to Zoom, the other alternative is on the phone or whatsApp video. Please let me know and we will find another alternative for you. I will need your full date of birth & anyone else’s you feel, I will need for the reading too.

Please email me on or text me on WhatsApp on 0792 000 4357 to confirm all bookings, payments and timings for the personal 1:1 readings. You can pay via paypal to or direct via my account details which I will send to you on email/text confirmation. 

Please note all 1:1 readings are booked between 2 – 9pm most weekdays and Saturdays after 10:30am until 1pm.

Please see below for all different types of personal 1:1 readings and their prices too.

1:1 Personal Readings with Jo – 3 types of Readings all on zoom, call or WhatsApp Video, All Readings are recorded ONLY on Zoom.

Detailed Reading1 hour £60 – I will need your full dates of birth for all readings. For the first 30mins I will be looking at what this year holds for you going into the next 2/3 years too. This will involve all various types of astrology and numerology combined which will give me details on what to expect over the months and what type of focus it will be on, be it work, relationships, endings, new beginnings, health – there may be lots of things! Then for the next 30mins, I will be focusing around the tarot cards for any additional information based on yourself personally and anyone else if you require this too – I use the Ryder Waite cards for all readings. This reading will be recorded on zoom.

Specialised Reading – 1 hour and 15mins £80 – Covering Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Birthday Character Reading, Compatibility Reading for 2 people, Numerology for the year and Tarot card reading using the 7 card spread, looking at every aspect of your life. This one is VERY detailed and I think you will love this, if you want to know every aspect of your life and your partner’s too!! Or perhaps there is more than one person you need more information on, this is just the one for you. The reading will be recorded on zoom. 

Personal Brief and shortened Reading 30mins £35 – (no cards) – Using Astrology and Numerology to answer any questions you have, as well as looking at the year in detail. This type of reading normally suits someone if they are looking for one particular question to be answered or one area they are needing reassurance on. This reading is also recorded on zoom.


Email Readings with Jo

The following readings below are EMAIL ONLY

Please email me on to let me know what type of reading you would like, I will then confirm payment details and also what is required that I need from you for the reading you have requested.

Please confirm payment via paypal to or directly which I will give you details on via email.

All email readings will be sent back to you either on the same day or within 48 hours.


One Question Reading – Doreen Virtue, Ask The Angel Card Reading – £5 Whenever you feel stuck and you are looking for that reassurance. These cards are great for empowering your thoughts on a positive vibration. They are truly beautiful to work with. You will know which pathway to take and if its the right one for you. There are 78 cards in the deck and each card symbolises emotions, actions, insight, intuition, abundance and so much more. What I will do is shuffle the deck for you and pull out a card which resonates with what is going on around you at the moment. Please note this is NOT a one question card reading, those questions are at the bottom of this page. Please note its just one card pulled to show you a direction. Please email me on for details.

Astrology and Tarot Card Reading for the Month – £20 What does your month hold for you and what to expect in the month – I will be looking at this, week by week. This is part of your reading which can be the most beneficial of them all, especially when it comes to how you are progressing. This is particularly good for hearing news on jobs, interviews, house moves or even hearing from an ex partner too or new love. I use the Ryder Waite Tarot Cards.

Birthday Character Reading – £15 This reading is all about your date of birth, which is made up of your true character. I will be looking at your strengths, weaknesses and purpose in life. There are so many characters built up within you, that you may not know about or are hidden. This is based on what your traits of your character are, to the negative traits and to which ones may be blocking you also. I will also be able to tell you what you are particularly good at in work, how people see you as a person and what challenges you will need to address in your lifetime. I can also do this for someone you are dating also, if you really want to know what makes them tick and their true character as well. (always a popular one!!).

Birthday Compatibility Reading – £30 This reading is all about what you both want together and individually too – What makes you attractive to the other person? Based on astrology, numerology and your names too. I will pick up your different needs in relationships. This is one of the most in- depth readings for a couple. This will portray the negative, the positive, what your partner doesn’t like about someone or you and what they are looking for long term. This reading will also tell you whether your partner is looking for love, friendship, marriage or just a good work colleague you get on with and nothing more. Back in 2012 through to now, this was the most asked about reading when I was working on individual personalities for dating, so now I have incorporated this into an individual reading just for you.

Chinese Compatible Reading – £20 There are many different compatibility readings between two individuals. One of the most interesting, but also the most important to understand, is the year you are born against what year your partner is born too. If you meet in the right year within the same element i.e. the year of both water signs or both earth as well as the current year you are in (being the same element too), then your relationship has a stronger chance of lasting until the end. I will explain this is in greater depth. If you have just currently met someone, I will also describe your Chinese compatible years together and what your signs represent. I have seen these matches the best if they are compatible to go further into marriages etc.

One Question asked – £20 If you have a burning question which needs answering now, this is perfect for you. This reading I will use cards, astrology and numerology combined.

A Full Email Reading using all tools – £60 This is based on every aspect of your life, from work, to love, to health to family, I will use cards, astrology, numerology and also Chinese astrology to see all aspects together, with as much detail as you can possibly want. This is a great reading if you are not able to have a 1:1 on zoom with me, so its pretty much the same but its on email instead. This will involve dates and timings, to descriptions and full details on every aspect required. If you have a few burning questions which need answering, then this is perfect for you.

Ryder Waite Cards Only – £50 This type of reading will be based solely on the Ryder Waite deck only. This is equivalent to a 1:1 reading with myself privately, but just using the cards with various decks, for example, I will be using the 7 card spread for everything in your life, the wheel of fortune spread for details on month by month, the 3 card spread (past, present and future) and the relationship spread too for your 1:1 relationships with everyone including your partner or if you are single when you are going to meet with descriptions too. All various spreads will be for various aspects of your reading detailing what each card represents to you. 

Compatibility Reading based on your Astrology Charts combined – £40 I love this type of reading, this particular one is based on, what attracts you to someone, what you need in a relationship and what you are like when you are with someone (this is the scary part as its so true to your character) this also applies to your partner too, so you will both be able to understand if you are singing from the same love planet! All I need is both your full dates of birth and the time you were born too, from that I will create a document sent to your email address about the above in very detailed context. I dont think you will be disappointed and think you will indeed love what this relates too, you may indeed have an “aha” moment!


House Move Reading – £20 Sometimes we just feel that we need to move house for many reasons. The current house you live in may be too isolated, it may be too small, too expensive, going through an ending with your partner, or you just need to be around your friends and family more to feel more content with a change and new start. Sometimes it is more about a negative energy you need to get away from in the house too. The house we live in reflects very much about our own personalities, this stems more so from the number you choose and the time you move. I will be able to look at when is best for you to move, what type of house and if your house number will bring a good energy for you and your family. Dates and timings are so important for you as well as if the next move will be temporary or permanent too.

Work Reading – £20 I will be able to see what type of job/career best suits you. You may be in the wrong type of job at the moment, but arent sure what is best for you in terms of direction and career. What I will be looking at is your personality as a whole to what type of role suits you. What your current job is doing for you and if there is any promotion on the cards where you are, of its time for you to seek something somewhere else. There will be timings, with dates and months, to details around interviews as well, if you are looking for a new job.

Numerology Reading – Current Year and New Year – £40 What year are you in, lets look at how this will affect you personally in this current year and next too. This type of reading is based solely on your month by month astrology and numerology reading. I will look at what month’s will be your most changeable to the best months, to make things happen. Some months will have some quite difficult changes for you, whilst others may have the opposite and make you feel that your life has taken a turn for the better. This is very detailed so it will be broken down into many aspects.

Full Character and Future Reading – £70 This type of reading is perfect if you are trying to find out more about yourself and you are feeling very unsettled in your life. You may have gone through trauma or some kind of emotional set back to just feeling lost. I will be looking at what your real character is all about. Sometimes we don’t really know what we are like until we have someone else tell us our true character and what our purpose is too. This reading is based on what people feel when they meet you, what you give out to others, what your character says about yourself and where your future lies too.

This reading is great if you would also love to know about someone else’s character and what their outlook on life is.

Please note this is NOT a love character reading, this type of reading would be under compatibility for you. I will need your date of birth for this reading as well as your moon sign and rising too, which I can work out for you if you don’t have this to hand, just as long as I have your time of birth. (if you don’t know the time you were born, don’t worry we can still work on your character reading).

Here is what your will discover about yourself or someone else through this type of reading:

What your birthday means
What your life path is
How you love
What are your strengths and naturally good at
What kind of job suits you
How people see you
What you really hate and what makes you feel upset and angry
How you come across, when you are in a long term relationship
What are your weaknesses
What your moon sign versus your sun sign means when you are looking at relationships, how your emotions relate and what you crave from someone.
What your sun and your rising sign means, how these two work together to help you understand your character as a whole.

The Love Key – Book

My little book – The Love Key was published in 2011 with Penguin, which is all about “How to use your intuition to find true love”.   This book is all about how to attract the right partner and how to find the one through internet dating or any method of dating, using your intuition.

What is nice about this book is, I have also written a section and given examples on why you keep on attracting the same person into your life. What are the red flag warning, to the men/women who are toxic and what can happen if you stay with them. There are many examples of these too. I have also looked at your moon sign, rising signs and also your Mars vs Venus in Astrology. You can find this book on Amazon, as well as other links attached on my home page too.