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Jo just wanted to say that you made me so happy answering that voicemail the other day. I am counting the pennies so have restricted myself to the odd voicemail of late. The description you gave was unbelievable. Attached is his photo (only small unfortunately) so you can see how accurate you were! I really hope that you are right and this will be for keeps. He is a successful musician. It has to get off the ground first though. Have typed our birth times into and it is unbelievable. His moon is conjunct my venus to the exact degree and my sun is conjunct his descendent to the exact degree plus his venus is trine my pluto and loads of other fab connections. Match made in heaven! Just need him to phone me and ask me out on a date now. I can really feel the chemistry- can’t wait to go to bed with him! I didn’t know that if you start a relationship under full moon in pisces that it is for keeps – that is something I have learnt. Thanks again Jo.

I also just wanted to say that after the reading I really thought about a lot of the things you said and you were spot on with so much and I think you really understood me as a person so just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful reading.



thankyou for my reading nice too no their will be more children soon, peorsonally i was only hoping for the one more mind lol. the reading made a lot of sense and you was correct in saying we had a break a while back which brought us to where we are now. I will keep hold of your details and be in touch again soon, thankyou for the reading again

kristina x

Thank you so much for your time yesterday. It was a pleasure meeting you and I came away feeling really positive and looking forward to what the future may bring. Thank you also for the bullet points, I will keep an eye on those and let you know how things turn out.
Enjoy your weekend away and I look forward to meeting with you again in the near future, maybe next time we can do more on atrological signs, as I found that really interesting! Thanks again.
Yours faithfully
Dawn x

Hi Jo,

I would like to thank you for this evening’s reading, i was on a downer most of the week but feel much better after chatting to you.
When friends and people cross my path I will be more aware and I will remember you advice from now. I useto think you only suffer from a broken heart if you have been in love ……..but i have never been in love with a guy. but I have had my heart broken 3 times by friends.
I came across this quote ‘men kick friendship around like a football it doesn’t seem to crack ….but women treat friendship like glass and it falls to pieces.’ how true!!
I will let you know how i get on after afew months and I hope to be in a better place emotionally.

Thanks again Jo i think your brill

Suki x

P.s(well I thought if nothing else works theirs always this………(Jo, i know you have a sense of humour hope you like this, see below )

Hi Joanna

Thanks for the reading really “spot on” especially the relationship area I have been trying to leave a stagnant marriage from March this year but seemed to get overtaken by other events which
conspired to hold me back – my feeling now is it was not the right time but more likely to happen in the next couple of months!! Saturn certainly makes you look at what is not working for you.

In September I am starting a course on Spiritual Astrology a subject I have always been interested in so you were accurate when you mentioned the courses also I have alot lined up for September
and I must not overload which I have a tendency to do!! It was all interesting and meaningful to me and I will keep in touch. By the way my dentist has me back to new again I live to “chew” another day.

Kind Regards


Hi Jo just wanted to let you know that you were right for me to look out for March in getting pregnant as I conceived on the 21st March and I am now 13 weeks due 12th Dec so you were right about December too! I am over the moon as I have PCOS 🙂 but it is with my new partner who I met in Feb, I had my 12 week scan on Friday and have atattched it to this email as I thought it would be fun to see if you thought Boy or Girl?
Thanks Jo
Rachel McGarvey x

Hi Jo

Thank you so much for this reading – it is so accurate! Its great that you have picked up that me and partner have been together since 2003 and things have changed in the past 3 years….The way we loved each other has changed and I really want that back. You’re right, the ex is just a crutch for my emotions at the moment, and one which I must get rid of. He hasn’t changed really and probably never will…He likes the fact that I am ‘calling on him’ at the moment. I have felt really bad about what I have been doing – I don’t know if you can pick up on it or not, but nothing sexual has happened between me and my ex. Will this tryst between us be kept silent as I know it would hurt my husband so much if he knew and wouldn’t help our ‘building blocks’?

I want to be a stronger mind again Jo and yes I do want more independence as I miss it so much!!

Kindest regards, Victoria

Hi Jo,

I was up last night waiting for your call I should have known that you are busy I was recommended to you by my friend Cynthia (Journalist from Pride magazine) who said you are fantastic.

I am feeling a little anxious at the moment so I look forward to our discussion.

Peace be with you until then
Diane x

Hi Jo

Just thought id say after we chatted it really helped with the relationship I had with the guy we spoke about Oliver – who had a gf who was a bit spoilt but we both really liked each said he needed my help and I was here to listen. since we chatted, oliver and myself have stayed best friends but I had to tell him I could no longer be an agony aunt when I had feelings for him.. and It’s made our friendship stronger than we ever thought..he has become a lot happier recently as well which im glad for him and our friendship is much better than it was! I’m going to ibiza in 4 weeks..very nervous!

I remember you saying you could see me further afield..maybe somewhere like Australia!…weirdly enough, Oliver asked me after much thought and chats with his family the other day if I fancied going abroad..such as Australia for a couple of months or longer later on in the year. I think we might both do it, in the last month our friendship has blossomed and i was upset before nothing could happen but now we are best mates and i couldnt think of anyone better to go with. but we will just have to see what i say never say never.

I hope you are well jo, just thought id let u were right again!

Best wishes


Hi Jo, thanks for the prompt reading. Wow! Seems all positive stuff and looking forward to the next few months. It has definitely helped giving me guidance re the job move that was a total relocation. It was somewhat of a knee jerk application and I have been doubting whether it was right. As you told me when we first met I should go with my gut instinct and I’m not sure it is right for me.

I smiled when I read the bit about part time and full time. That is exactly the thought process I have been going through recently but I know in my heart that part time is where the best of both worlds for me is. How do you do that??!!

I now realise that going back to work really is going to give me what’s missing and I thank you for all your help. I’ve set the wheels in motion and again your timescales reflect what will probably happen !!

I find your work utterly fascinating. Thanks again for everything and your words of support and guidance.

Take care, Jo x

Hi Jo

I would just like to thank you for the reading last night, you managed to “tune” into me really well and I feel much more positive today. I will definetely be in touch again at some point once things have started to settle down.

Thanks ever so much.

Best wishes

Karen x

Hello Jo

Once again thanks for such a wonderful reading – as usual you are spot on my life is changing and challenging to say the least but i’m taking steps to improve my future. Also I am enjoying life, since my husband did what he did to me I look at everything differently, I have decided to walk in my truth no matter what. Something positive came out of it for me, however once again you nailed it when you talked about the trust issue, this is the big thing with us right now, i have decided to try and trust him again which will be around summertime June/July if he lets me down than I know what I have to do. Before I got together with my husband (which was a whirlwind romance followed by marriage and a honeymoon baby nine months later) i had an opportunity to get back with my ex but I chose my husband – I never really let my heart heal or got over the fact that the grass was’nt necessarily greener on the other side. I laughed when you were talking about it being hard for my ex because he’s a fixed sign and does find it difficult to change, your reading just confirms the dreams I am having about him and the conversations we have – I have a lot of love and respect for this man and we were each others ‘first loves’ – as you say unfinished business, he is my soulmate.
My college course ends in June followed by a weeks holiday that I am going on – no husband, no kids just me and my sister, maybe this will be the time that i need to reflect on my life and where i want to go.

Once again thanks so much, your readings just tie it all up with a nice little bow!

All the best Jo, take care (i will probably ask you for another reading come June/July)lol…

Be Blessed

Fi xxxx

Hi Jo,

Thank you so much for lovely reading yesterday. I left you feeling enlightened and uplifted. Probably more than any other reading I have had before in the past, where I have left feeling disappointed and confused.

I will keep you updated with any developments that occur over the coming months regarding what came out in my reading. As you mentioned you like to have some feedback from your clients as I would if it was me.

Hi Jo,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the reading you gave Lindsay and me in Northampton last Sunday. We both could not believe how your combined psychic/astrology skills enabled you to develop, not just a clear picture of the 2 of us, but also such clarity on expected future events. Your view coincided almost exactly with other readings we had, and if anything, was more detailed.

We both look forward to catching up with you in the future, hopefully to confirm a positive outcome to your reading!

Best regards

Hi joanna
Sorry for taking so long in replying. i don`t have a pc so i have had to borrow a friends.
Thank you so much for the reading that you did for me over christmas, all i can say is WOW. I was blown away in it`s accuracy and i look forward to seeing how things pan out in my life over the coming months, so thank you once again.

best wishes to you

David x

Hi there Jo

Hope you have a very lucky new year, I guess you already know, us lesser mortals have to take it as it come!

I felt I had to let you know a couple of predictions of yours that have come about.

I’d only told my daughter in the morning of the friday after your visit, about what you said in reference to her ex re-entering her life, she walkled to Tesco’s in Flitwick with a friend and who should she see but her ex. She just couldn’t believe it.
You said we’d hear from a relation who was living abroad and we have.
My son came home with a very bad stomach attack and since I told him what you said with relevence to what he eats and not to drink too much coffee, he’s taken heed and has altered his diet.

Well here comes some more snow because we haven’t had enough.

Hope you’re boots were not spoiled by our westie pups chewing, nearly all her teeth are through now so we’re hoping she’ll soon stop chewing everything. How’s your kitten, bet she was spoilt over christmas I know our pup was.

Take care of yourself,
See you soon.
Elain e.

Hi Jo,

You gave me a reading this evening and I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a fantastic reading first of all, so spot on and I really couldn’t believe how much you knew. But that’s just the start, I have been in total shreds over the break up of the last relationship, and I really feel that reading marked coming through the other end. You were very sensitive and I really appreciate that, very constructive too, and really helped me to gain lots of closure on what happened, as I had no answers before. I also blamed myself so much, and after speaking to you I feel a great weight has lifted. You are doing such an important job, as now I feel I can actually start enjoying my life again, now I know the answers to a lot of my questions that I just couldn’t gain closure on.

I must be honest, the reading left me emotional, in a very good way. I just wanted to let you know how hugely beneficial the reading was. I have had a few readings before, and I must say it was the most accurate, down to earth, and simply mind blowing reading I have had as you had my situation EXACTLY. I think it was probably the best £25 I ever spent, as finally I can now get to moving on and healing, and that is such a massive gift. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Pav xxx

Hi Jo, you gave me a reading while you were working at Psychic and Soul,
you said that I would meet my soulmate end of June time beginning of July
and she would have blonde hair, tall and very athletic. Well I have met
someone new, she is in fact blonde, taller than me, (help!) and is very
much into training, as she is a runner!

I would like to say thank you very much for that wonderful reading, you
are truly gifted – I feel we are starting something here which is very
serious, but can you give me another reading on the phone just to clarify.

Can you let me know when you are next working?

thanks jo

Thank you for a fab reading today, it really uplifted me, u truly have a gift and i will let u know wat happens regarding ur predictions .

Kind regards, love always

Hi Jo

I just wanted to say thank you so so very much for your time last night. We all had a brilliant evening and you were the star of the show!!! It was lovely to meet you and I hope to see you really soon at Sharon’s party.

Good luck with your operation and take care of you…..

Karen x x x