“All questions will be going to WhatsApp, direct to your mobile”

Every so often, many people like to have one question answered and would like this to be instant, but at times you cant have that one question answered as it may entail a full reading, or that this particular service is not available, so what this service is good for, is you can have x10 questions answered within a month for £10, which is really £1 per question and its pretty detailed too….You can normally find this kind of service linked in with other texting companies, but there are so many other psychics answering that one question, which then becomes very confusing and frustrating for you, but this one is personal from myself so there will be none of that confusion.
This will be equivalent to a texting service being offered to you through my own personal WhatsApp texting service which you will have instantly within the hour or at times if I am not busy, the same time. Even if you decide to have all 10 questions in a month answered in one hour or so, at least then you will have a story to build up on and you can top up at any given time too.
So, if you are interested, please hit the pay now button below which is direct on PayPal and save my mobile number , which is 0792 000 4357 to start asking your questions.
Please put in “Monthly Texts” as your first line, so I am aware of the type of service.
You can ask for a tarot card to be pulled, Astrology, numerology or Psychic, whichever your preference is, its entirely up to you and whichever suits you, you can have one of each for each one of your questions, or you can have different ones each time on all 10 questions per month, its all entirely up to yourself.
So, fire away and lets go!!!

ONLY £10 per month…..


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