Would you like to know who or what you were in your past life?

Many people came into this world to serve a purpose. Many people know that astrology can tell you more than what is going on in someone’s life or in the present timing of your life. I believe that when you look at birth charts you can really look at someone’s personality and character in such depth that it will likely scare even yourself when you read it.

With regards to past lives, bit like past life regression, this is based on your birth chart, the time you were born but this is called the south and north nodes. This is represented by a U shape with two small circles on the ends. The house and sign that the south node resides in is what tells you the themes of that person’s past lives. There are two sides of you that will need to learn lessons in life from your past. One will represent what you always do and the other will be what your lesson to learn around this will be or how to overcome it.

If you’ve ever been stuck in a bad place, and terrible things keep happening, you might start to wonder if any of it is karma from a past life catching up with you. This astrological past life reading will let you know if you keep on repeating the same things in your life and keep on finding out the same things to block you because you were something or someone in your past life.

Why are you always meeting the wrong types, why cant you settle down? what is your character saying about your personality now. Why are you always the one suffering in life? why do you never get the job you want? All this can be answered just by knowing what your pathway was in a past life.

I will be working with The South Node: Revealing Past Lives, Natural Abilities and The North Node: Your Destiny That’s Calling

This reading will be sent back to your email address which you paid for the reading via paypal to, it will be approx 300 – 500 words long.

Past life Astrology Reading £30