Have you always wanted to work on the phone lines but aren’t too sure where to start?

My story….

I started my journey as a psychic back in 2005 learning the cards and working on the phone lines before Ask The Psychic website was up and running. I practised and practised until I could not practise anymore for free on the phone lines and on forums asking one question. I then went onto the phone lines as a phone psychic part time, whilst juggling my PA job, then eventually I left my PA job to become a full time psychic working on the phone lines around 40 hours per week.

There are amazing phone companies out there ranging from the big names like Sally Morgan and Michele Knight to other smaller companies who are just as busy like Kooma, Elizabeth Rose and Psychic light.

I trained psychics on the phone lines for Psychic Today in 2012 – 2014 and for ESO TV in Budapest in 2011 to then train privately myself and here we are today.

The 1:1 consultation is £200 in total and there are x4 parts, broken down to x4 sessions – 1 hour each. Payment will be asked for in full and I will book in your x4 sessions ideally, once a week or we can spread these out for you, if easier.

The course consists of:

1. How do you read, what are your strengths and weaknesses to work on together
2. How to understand what the client wants, understanding empathy and emotions. (are you emotionally stable too?)
3. Working with difficult clients, finding yourself lost on the call and what to do
4. Knowing your boundaries, how to establish repeat clients and how to use your personality to keep clients

All you need to do is email me on jo@askthepsychic.co.uk and let me know you are interested and I will then get back to you within 24 hours to let you know on dates and availability too.

Looking forward to working with you to become a wonderful phone psychic!!

Blessings xx