Astrology Email Reports and Readings

For each report to be accurate, I will need your full date of birth, the time you were born as well as your email address to send your reading to.

Short Report Reading about YOU (100o words) £30

This email reading is based purely on what you are like as a person and how others see you too.

The report will consist of your sun sign, your core personality,
Your moon placement and your emotions
Your rising sign/ascendent, for how others see you
Saturn placement, what lessons you have to learn, the darkest side of yourself
Which houses are strongest for you to work on individually throughout your life
Sun in your houses, what is your overall identity
Your Venus, love match, what you attract
What energy you protect around your own emotions.


Report Forecast for This Year and Next (2000 words) £40

The planet of Saturn, what lessons are you having to learn over the year, what do you have to be careful of, are you going to do something you may regret, what obstacles will you face, that you are being challenged with.

The planet Uranus, can rule your creative side, intuition, study, anything spiritual and you will want to understand yourself more. On the negative side, you can be nervous, your behaviour will be abnormal, rebellious or selfish if something needs to change or you are stuck. Jupiter the plane of expansion, good luck, wealth, success, where does this fit into your year or the opposite where it will be challenged.

Neptune, the planet of illusions, fantasy, inspiration and compassion do you enhance this or lack this?

There will be many lessons you have to learn this year and next but you will be able to balance them out instead of getting them wrong if you follow these paths through the report.


Report on love, Flirtation and Sex (1000 words) £25

This report is all about, what you want in love, what you attract, how others see you physically, sexually and emotionally to what kind of person would really suit you.

I will be looking at, you Sun sign, your true personality, your moon, emotionally what do you need, crave and understand.

Your Ascendent, how others see you as a person, your 1st house is all about first impressions, the self and appearance, leadership, new initiatives, fresh starts and beginnings all through your life with timings, ages you fall in love, commitment times and what to avoid.